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Thibaud Michel

PhD Defense

I am pleased to invite you to my PhD defense, entitled: "On Mobile Augmented Reality Applications based on Geolocation".
My defense will be held in Grand Amphi (A110) at Inria Grenoble on November 10, 2017 at 2 pm.
The PhD thesis has been directed by:

  • Nabil Layaïda, Tyrex team, (thesis director, Inria)
  • Pierre Genevès, Tyrex team, (co-supervisor, CNRS)
  • Hassen Fourati, Necs team, (co-supervisor, Gipsa-Lab)
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Research activities

  • Analysis and enhancement of an indoor and outdoor navigation system with a focus on attitude estimation for pedestrian navigation with smartphones. [MATLAB, PDR, Wifi, Barometer, GPS, Kalman Filter, Motion, Map-Matching]
  • Working with OpenStreetMap client side. Parsing OSM Documents, projections, routing, UI (MapBox, MapsForge, OpenLayers...) [OSM, Android, OWP]
  • Working with OpenStreetMap server side. Mount OSM Server: Postgis, Nominatim, Tilemill... Create WebApi access [Node.js, CentOS]
  • Creation of an Augmented Reality and an Augmented Panorama Frameworks for Android. [Android, OpenGL ES, Sensors]
  • Management of subprojects and creation of libraries for Venturi european project (immersiVe ENhancemenT of User-woRld Interactions). http://venturi.fbk.eu


  • [CONFERENCE] On Attitude Estimation with Smartphones [HAL, PDF, Abstract]

    Thibaud Michel, Pierre Genevès, Hassen Fourati, Nabil Layaïda
    IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications, Mar 2017, Kona, United States
  • [CONFERENCE] A Comparative Analysis of Attitude Estimation for Pedestrian Navigation with Smartphones [HAL, PDF, Abstract]

    Thibaud Michel, Hassen Fourati, Pierre Genevès, Nabil Layaïda
    Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation, Oct 2015, Banff, Canada. pp.10, 2015, 2015 International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation. 〈http://www.ucalgary.ca/ipin2015/〉. 〈10.1109/IPIN.2015.7346767〉
  • [CONFERENCE] Personal Shopping Assistance and Navigator System for Visually Impaired People [HAL, PDF, Abstract]

    Paul Chippendale, Valeria Tomaselli, Viviana D'Alto, Giulio Urlini, Carla Maria Modena, Stefano Messelodi, Sebastiano Mauro Strano, Günter Alce, Klas Hermodsson, Mathieu Razafimahazo, Thibaud Michel, Maria Farinella Giovanni
    ACVR2014: Second Workshop on Assistive Computer Vision and Robotics, Sep 2014, Zurich, Switzerland. 〈http://www.ino.it/ACVR2014/〉
  • [JOURNAL] Mobile Augmented Reality Applications for Smart Cities [HAL, PDF, Abstract]

    Mathieu Razafimahazo, Nabil Layaïda, Pierre Genevès, Thibaud Michel
    ERCIM News 98, 2014, ERCIM News 98, pp.45-46
  • [CONFERENCE] Mixed Reality Browsers and Pedestrian Navigation in Augmented Cities [HAL, PDF, Abstract]

    Jacques Lemordant, Thibaud Michel, Mathieu Razafinahazo
    The Graphical Web Conference, Oct 2013, San Francisco, United States. 2013


GitHub Benchmarks Attitude on Smartphones
We investigate the precision of attitude estimation algorithms in the particular context of pedestrian navigation with commodity smartphones.

pdf pdf Senslogs
This android application records and store values from internal sensors.

pdf pdf Timelapse - Sony Camera
Take pictures with interval time in Wifi Mode for your Sony camera.

pdf Venturi - Y3
Grenoble AR-Tour based on geolocation.


pdf Android - Projet PDR (2016-2017).pdf

pdf Android - Projet PDR (2015-2016).pdf

pdf Android - Projet PDR (2014-2015).pdf