A declarative approach for HTML Timing using SMIL Timesheets

Our SMIL Timing implementation can also be used as a simple but highly extensible slideshow engine.

Detailed Demos

Basic Effects

A quick slideshow designed with declarative, inline SMIL-Timing markup.

This demo shows how to get most of the common slideshow effects (transitions, incremental display, outlining…) with SMIL-Timing.

Audio Sync

SMIL Timing and Timesheets are an easy and efficient way to sync an HTML slideshow with an audio track.

This slideshow is an HTML version of this presentation of the Join Mozilla program by Mark Surman. Mark has published his slides as a video, we’re taking it a bit further by keeping the content in HTML (accessibility, indexability…) and sync’ing it with his audio track.


Our timesheets.js library can also be used on SVG documents.

This mini-slideshow is a full SVG document. Each slide is an SVG <g>roup element which is activated with CSS properties.


The audio/video sync is already explained in the Media Annotations part.

You’ll find information on user interaction handling in the timeEvents page.