A declarative approach for HTML Timing using SMIL Timesheets

<audio|video> elements are one of the most remarkable features in HTML5, and our timesheet scheduler is designed to take advantage of them.

Detailed Demos

HTML Subtitles

SMIL Timesheets can easily be used to add HTML subtitles to a video stream. This has been applied to the Mozilla Firefox 4 beta "first run" page…

This very simple example should get you started with media annotations in HTML5.

Audio Annotations

Here is a SMIL Timing adaptation of this HTML5/Audio demo (proposed by Samuel Goldszmidt, IRCAM) — but the HTML information is synchronized with the audio track, which is precisely the goal of our project.


Check the timeContainer and timeAction pages in the Documentation section.

These demos use the native <audio|video> elements in modern browsers; MediaElement.js provides a Flash fallback for Internet Explorer 6 to 8.