ANR Project CLEAR (2017-2022)


CLEAR: Compilation of Intermediate Languages into Efficient Big Data Runtimes.

CLEAR is a research project funded by ANR, January 2017 – March 2022.

Leader: Pierre Genev├Ęs

Major updates

March 2022: The CLEAR project ended successfully, with congratulations from ANR. The final project report is available upon request.

September 2020: see our SIGMOD 2020 paper on extending the relational algebra for optimizing recursive queries, with an application to graph queries.

October 2018: Our works have an application in healthcare: we analyze very large amounts of electronic health records and train machine learning models for predicting risks of clinical outcomes such as adverse effects or in-hospital mortality. See more in our Big Data Research article, and in our followup paper presented at the DSAA conference.